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Filter types

The standard filters use regex to match the name or type.


This lets you filter on object names


This matches anything in the schema name that matches the regex


This matches any object where the type matches the regex, for example Stor.*Proc matches stored procedures, so no procs will be deployed.

The supported object types is from the DacFx ModelSchema class:


If this matches a table (and it must be keep) then no columns will be dropped from that table


This is a special ObjectType filter that matches all the security related object types.

Filter Action Types


These ignore the object(s) so it does not matter whether they are in the dacpac or the database they will be totally ignore as if they were neither in the dacpac or the destination database


These make sure that if the object(s) are not in the database then they are never dropped, if they are in the database but are different then they are changed - if you don't want this then ignore

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