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Blog re this project

This gives more details about how it actually works.

What is this?

This is an extension dll for sqlpackage.exe to allow you to control which objects are deployed from a dacpac


Sometimes you want to do something like not deploy a schema to a database or not deploy a specific type of object like users or permissions and you need to be able to control it without restoring to pre/post execution scripts which don't always work.


The DacFx api includes the ability to load up a dll and get notified of all the steps in the deployment, this uses that interface to either leave steps in or remove them from the deployment

What can I filter on

How do I use filters



Downloading from releases

If you download the dll rather than building it, windows marks the dll as being downloaded, you may get an error to say that "the contributor could not be loaded" so just go to the properties of the dll and choose "unblock".

Common issues

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